Transportation From Your Doorstep

ZIPS offers a safe and comfortable transportation facility for pick & drop. These features include:

  1. All our running buses are cozy, good in condition and well-serviced.
  2. All our vehicular transports are operated by a support staff of our school to board and de-board the students at their bus stops across all our routes.
  3. Our experienced drivers of the ferrying buses are supervised by our teachers who are quite aware of the safety measures.
  4. Since the safety and security of each child is the top priority for us, our all running buses are GPS-enabled, and parents can easily track down their wards during the bus journey through the school app.
  5. We charted out fixed routes with fixed timings to run our coaches in the city and adjoining city areas.
  6. From time to time, we hold workshops to educate the bus drivers, teachers, and transport staff about the safety and precautions while traveling on the bus.
  7. Parents will get the latest updates if there is change or a slight in the route.

A fulltime and qualified nurse has been hired on our campus to meet any minor medical exigency. She will be present on campus during school hours. The nurse would be quite efficient to deal with the minor injury through first-aid if a child sustains. This school has been facilitated with the ambulance facility to carry the patient to the nearest hospital to meet the expected medical exigencies besides having an MD doctor as a part-timer.