ZIPS is well known for organizing unique events. That instill culture and moral values in young children through engaging activities. Akshara abhayasa , Amma Namana , Chathru Svikaran , Hrudhaya sammilana, Festivities, Agriculture, Swatch Bharath, Gurupurnima, Womenโ€™s day, Kindergarten activities. Zen schools Dasarahalli , We are providing everything your child needs to reach his potential. Like suffocated labs, best infrastructure, playground, music rooms & more.

Amma Namana

"Amma Namana" is an event celebrating to honor mothers. By this children will understand importance of mother's love. And knows about the immense mother's role in nurturing, guiding, caring and supporting their children throughout their lives. In this event from ZIPS , children will do pooja to their mother and seek blessings for well being and happiness. Overall, The Amma Namana event fosters a sense of respect, gratitude and unity among families and communities. And develops great bond between mother and child.

Akshara Abhayasa

The "Akshara Abhayasa" event at Zen International public School is a important event. That dedicated to introducing young learners into the world of education and knowledge. We dedicated a day for celebration of the beginning of students educational journey. By this Akshara Abhayasa, Zen International public School will inspire a lifelong love for learning, exploration and discovery. And also sets a stage for academic excellence and personal growth.

Chathru Svikaran

Our Zen International Public School introduced a special activity called "Chathru Svikaran". This fosters the friendship, empathy and inclusivity among students. It is a platform for welcoming new students into the Zen School family.And integrating them seamlessly into the vibrant tapestry of student life.

Hrudhaya Sammilana

"Hrudhaya Sammilana" is an event of Zen International Public School. And it's aim is nurturing holistic development and wellbeing among our students. It encourages empathy, compassion and friendship. This event helps to cultivate a positive school climate where every individual can thrive and florish.

Other Activities

At Zen International Public School we will also celebrate other activities like women's day, Gurupurnima. Gurupurnima is a day offering respect to all the spiritual and academic gurus and Raksha Bandhan etc. We integrated some activities like planting trees and cleaning activities to our school curriculum. So that we are also encouraging agricultural and swatch Bharath programs