Best school in peenya 2nd stage


  • ZIPS is on the top position in the list of top schools in Peenya 2nd stage. Our school is more than a friend and guide in students learning journey. We educate young minds to prosper in this ever-evolving competitive world. We are school with difference having utmost importance to scholastic and co scholastic activities. We aim at providing education with moral and ethical values.
  • We are providing world class educational experience. This helping students of new generation to become leaders of tomorrow with social and ethical values..
  • This school is a unique place where, learning is playing. It is most chuffed human experience of exploring new things..
  • The institution's philosophy holds that every baby born comes with unique capabilities and vast potentialities. We must tap these in a child-friendly learning atmosphere, so he/she can blossom into a masterpiece..

Our Perception of student to

E . D . U . C . A . T . E


mpowering for future ready.


ecision making ability.


tilizing resources judiciously..


ompassion towards other.


ccountable for actions.


echnology oriented.


xcel by hard work.

Empowering for future ready :

By creating a development mentality, upgrading passionate insights, sharpening problem solving capacities, cultivating flexibility, and prioritizing self-care, students can engage themselves to explore challenges with certainty and flourish in any circumstance they experience.

Decision making ability :

In today's fast paced world, the capacity to form educated choices may be a pivotal aptitude for victory. Enabling decision making may be an essential expertise. This prepares students with the capacity to explore choices with certainty and clarity.

Utilizing Resources Judicially :

We Encourage students to identify and appreciate the diverse range of resources available to them within their community and beyond. These empowering students to thrive in a world of opportunities.

Compassion for other :

By practicing compassion, advancing thoughtfulness, grasping differing qualities and incorporation, building steady connections, and practicing self-compassion, students can contribute to the culture of compassion.

Accountable For Actions :

Here we cultivate accountability by emphasizing the importance of adopting a growth mind set. So that they view challenges and failures as opportunities for learning and improvement.

Technology Oriented and Excel by Hard Work :

In today's computerized age, innovation has gotten to be a necessarily portion of our lives, offering both openings and challenges. In Zen's educational journey students will understand the importance of hard work in leveraging technology. This is effectively for academic success and personal growth.