Zen schools near Andrahalli
Zen schools near Andrahalli

President - Acharya venkatesh Murthy

Zen A Best School Near Andrahalli – President Message

By being one of the good schools near Andrahalli. We are preparing this generation learners for the entrepreneurial world. To look at present education system, there is nothing short in giving the best IQ. But there is significant lack in invoking PQ, EQ, SQ and CQ. Education is which emphasis on all the 5 quotients to make the child future ready. Our conventional education system puts a disproportionate focus on IQ largely and ignoring the other important dimensions of human well-being. We at ZIPS focus on over all development of a child by invoking all the 5 quotients in him/her through a fun and learn way.

Zen schools near Andrahalli

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. We aspire to create leaders in every sphere of the society who can positively contribute towards solving the challenges of the world and to inspire more “job creators” than just “job seekers”.

Education at the ZIPS

We believe education should ignite curiosity, cultivate critical thinking, foster creativity and instil a lifelong passion for learning. At Zen International Public School, we are using a valuable approach to education with practical learning. This unified and cooperative approach will helps students to apply their knowledge to real time scenario and their overall development. We commit to nurturing holistic growth by embracing experimental learning, promoting innovation, and fostering a culture of adaptability to prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. We are the probably only school in Andrahalli field trips and workshops with experts to give knowledge to students.

For parents seeking a school in Andrahalli that prioritizes character development alongside academic excellence, ZIPS in Andrahalli stands as a beacon. Our comprehensive approach ensures that students not only excel academically. But also emerge as compassionate individuals ready to make meaningful contributions to society.