An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head. โ€“ ken Doherty

ZIPS boasts a spacious campus equipped with outdoor sports facilities and an indoor swimming pool to cater to diverse recreational and fitness needs. Zen schools in t Dasarahalli Bangalore is leading school with all facilities and good faculty for the students from LKG to tenth.
Active students shows interest in everything. They plays well and study well. In today's world, physical activities play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. At least playing for one hour is must that is why we included extracurricular activities in our school curriculum. This contains yoga, meditation, swimming, indoor and outdoor games. Understanding the importance of sports and how it influences a child Zen International Public School, provides various kinds of sports activities and training for sorts. We are dedicated to ensuring our students receive top-tier education and excellent health care.

Yoga and Meditation

In today's fast paced world stress is unavoidable. Our yoga classes provide students with techniques to manage stress. Here they will practice yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation which are helpful for mental wellbeing.


We are excited to offer in House swimming classes to our students. Our experienced instructors will teach them to learn essential water safety skills and refining swimming techniques also foster a love for aquatic activities.

Indoor and Outdoor activities

At Zen International Public School, we are providing indoor activities like caroms, chess, table tennis, badminton etc. Engaging in indoor activities enables students to enhance their skills while fostering greater social interaction among peers. And outdoor activities like cricket, football, Kho- Kho, volleyball etc. By using outdoor skills students will get physical health and vitamin D absorption.


At Zen International Public School, our holistic approach focuses on empowering students academically, physically and mentally to prepare them for future challenges and success. That is why we are excited to offer a comprehensive Taekwondo program to cultivate discipline, confidence and resilience in our students.