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Zen-best preschool in Peenya

About ZIPS-Best Pre School in Peenya

Being Peenya’s best preschool,ZIPS is an institute of immense prominence striving towards excellence under the strong guidance of Acharya K. Venkatesh Murthy.

The concept of a school has shifted from the ancient pathshala system, where the students were taught to be self-dependent and responsible, to an institution where individuals are groomed to take on roles for the holistic betterment of the society. It is critical that schools allow children to realize these traits through means of experience rather than being imposed by them. A school needs to be an area where children can be allowed to freely express their creativity and talent, unbound by pressure to excel in fields that are not compliant with their acumen. A good school looks at inculcating the best of all worlds and providing the child with the right platform to develop their skills by means of encouragement and support.Looking for best preschools in Peenya? Discover top play schools that provide a stimulating environment for your child’s overall development.

Zen-best preschool in Peenya
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